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    dynojet cmd or fuel pressure regulator and afr gauge?

    will the dynojet be able to replace the fuel regulator and the afr gauge setup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bksbigboy69 View Post
    will the dynojet be able to replace the fuel regulator and the afr gauge setup?
    Surprised you guys let this one lay unanswered. No, the CMD marine will not replace the fuel regulator nor will it replace an aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator such as a RRFPR. In some cases with the CMD you may be able to adjust the duty cycles of the injectors to gain more fuel if needed. On highly modified machines you may still need to raise fuel pressure with an adjustable (aftermarket) FPR.

    The CMD can replace the AFR gauge if used in conjunction with the Wideband Controler (comes with the O2 sensor and bung). You can use this method for datalogging but would not allow real time veiwing as you are riding and dialing in the AFRs. To monitor in real time you would need a second bung and O2 sensor with gauge or simply buy the LCD200 display that goes with the system (this is the option I chose). With the LCD you can view AFRs in real time and also tune the system as needed through the use of the touch screen.

    The entire setup will cost you in the ball park of $1,000.00 but looks to be a promising solution to fine tuning fuel. With the autotune feature it should make time out on the water a more pleasant feeling without the need to be constantly tuning and for days on end. Autotune it, lock it in and ride!

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