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    Broken intake grate & coolant leak on ride plate

    Hello guys, this weekend I pulled the boat out of storage in the garage, thanks to what appears to be an early spring here in Buffalo NY. Anyways, I noticed a small puddle below where the intake grate was, so I investigated and found 3 things. I have a 2005 Sportster 4-tec 155hp.

    1. One of the bars of the intake grate broke off at the rear end, and is bent upwards, but still attached on front end.

    2. A plastic bag wrapped around the driveshaft.

    3. A wet coolant spot at the front edge of the ride plate where it meets the intake grate.

    Last summer, I was having some major cavitation problems and figured it was the wear ring. Would the broken grate and/or the bag have been possible causes of this?

    Which aftermarket ski intake grates are compatible with the boats? 4-tecperformance has the gtx intake listed in their n/a performance package, is that the only one?

    Coolant leak, where should I start with that? There is engine bay is bone dry, but it is leaking externally, so I dont' know exactly where to go from here. I researched it a little lastnight and some people said to check the clamps on 2 hoses that are in that area below the pump.

    The boat is ridden in fresh water only, and is kept on the trailer when not in use.

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    Can't help you with the leak but the plastic bag and broken grate are most likely the cause of the cavitation. In fact I would bet on it.

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    Was the coolant replaced as part of winterizing? The drain plug is at the rear of the ride plate, and could just be some coolant that ran to the front and thats what you see. Have you run it to see if it leaks while running?

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    I didnt replace the coolant before winterizing this year, and this is the first time it's happened. Guess I'll have to start it up and see where it's coming from exactly. Hopefully it's something easy to fix!

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