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    2002 virage I starts but rpm will not go above 1000

    Can anyone give me some advise. i have two issues.

    Sometimes we can hit the start button and the engine will not turn over. all you hear is a click coming from a solenoid that is mounted to the battery cover. I cleaned the threaded posts and replaced the ring terminals on electrical wires. this helped alot as it turns over 50% of the time now.

    Second issue is that now we have it started but there is no response when you hit the throttle. Rpm's stay at 1000.

    any suggestions would be helpful


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    check to make sure that the reverse lever is not ingaged. Reverse will limit the RPM

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    Welcome to the Hulk. I would suspect your TPS is bad if you have no response to throttle. As for the cranking issue, sounds like your battery is toast. I would suggest a dry cell something like the Odyssey PC625 or one of the Deka batteries. In regard to the reverse, your RPM will be limted to 3500 so that should not be the issue. Cheers.

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