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    Cant get 93 octane any more.....

    I cant get 93 octane anymore in my area. The best I can get is 91 octane (pure gas, not ethanol mixed). Do you guys think a FZS with a B1, R2 flash can get by with just 91 octane??? Thanks....

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    R&D Flashes are 91 octane rated, as not all states have 93.

    Part #802-01802 R&D R2 ECU; Reprogrammed ECU to allow 8750 RPMís, Raised Boost limiter to 17 pounds, advanced ignition timing for high performance recreational use. R2 works great with stock, C1, C3, or C5 Monster Wheel Kits, or any wheel kit rated up to 18 pounds of boost. 91 octane pump fuel should be used with R2 reprogram. 93-95 octane fuel is recommended for closed course racing conditions where high engine loads are present. The R2 program file does not require a Powershot Fuel Tuner for use with C1 and C3 Monster Wheels.

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    What are your cooling mods? If you have an aftermerket IC I think you can be fine on 91. Glenn from R&D answered a very similar question for me about a year ago.

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    Intercooler is completely stock. Water routing is stock also....

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