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    2001 step jet rio se

    I have a 2001 step jet rio se witha polaris 1200, my first jet boat, my other boat has an outboard so i'm still learning about jet boats. My oil tank resivior has a sesnsor on the bottom with one purple wire going to it, but its disconnected. the sensor has two terminals though. What is this sensor low oil alarm buzzer? Should there be another wire hooked to the sensor like a ground wire? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not sure how the jet boat is set up or what type of gauges it uses.
    In 2001 Polaris used an "oil level sender" in the top of their oil tanks (started in '97) with a Blue wire going to the display. The other wire on the Polaris set-up is ground.
    It worked on a scale of 33-240 ohms,depending on oil level.

    Probably need to check the resistance of your sender,to figure out how it is going to work.

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    Thanks for the reply I would think that except for its on the bottom. and no display for it. If anyone knows about a manual for this boat or where to order one I would greatly appriciate the tip off. tyia

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