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    Would just like to thank the guys on here for helping me convert my 1999 Polaris SLTX

    To Premix......The oil pump went bad and started flooding my carbs/engine with oil so I got rid of it.......bought the block off plate from and carb oil inlet caps..... I ran it this past weekend.....ran perfect all day without rest 9am to 5pm around the mountains at canyon lake....checked the compression in all 3 pistons and all were at 120 across at 9am.........put the ski back on the trailer at 5pm and checked the compression again and it was the same...thanks again guys!!!

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    Man thats one clean 99 good job

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    That is a beautiful SLTX!!!!!

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    Not to mention that trailer!

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    Very nice looking ski and trailer, as urugol pointed out!

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