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    Yamaha SUV / pretty much any yamaha 1200 non-power valve questions and tripple Mikuni

    My buddy and I have gutted his 2004 SUV 1200 non-PV since it had a blown rear piston. We thought we could figure out a way to pull the fuel tank out to swab and clean it while we had the top end of the motor off but let me tell you...NO FRIGGIN WAY! If anyone has successfully pulled a tank from an SUV without removing the entire engine down to the motor mounts then I would love to know how to do that for my own SUV benefit!

    Couple questions for "top end" jobs on these 1200's. I have limited experience in replacing engines (have only replaced my Kawasaki 900STS entire short block before through SBT). We had one of his cylinders honed and another one cleaned up a bit and then had them take a couple thousandths off of the top of one corner of the cylinder block(?) where he said it was not level...probably due to warpage?

    First of all, let me say that a few technicians out there said that we may be able to replace that cylinder block without removing the crank case portion from the ski. They did say it was going to be difficult and would be a 2 person job but NO Friggin way! I nearly lost my mind trying to get everything to line up when we put the entire shortblock on the ground. Questions....

    1. We are in the process of torquing the bolts that hold the cylinder block (not sure of the term for the middle part) down to the crank case and I noticed in the shop manual that they want you to put a light duty thread lock on 4 of the lowest bolts. I only had the blue medium thread lock. No big deal right?

    2. We put Black RTV sealant on the smooth crank case top and then again on the bottom of the cylinder block with an SBT paper gasket between the 2 parts. When I went to go crank them down, I found out that I didn't have the right connection for my torque wrench to be able to get into 2 of the bolt cavities on the exhaust side of the motor. I did a light preliminary tightening to about 16ft lbs but had to pretty much guess at the 2 bolts that I could not get at with the torque wrench. My intention was that I wanted to be able to squish the sealant a bit to compress it all but know that I have to go back with the correct tool to finish the job to spec. I am aware of the "pattern" that needs to be used in torquing them as well but didn't know if I have already screwed up by only partially squeezing it down. The engine will be sitting for at least 6 days before I can get back to it again.

    3. The same relative process was used on the cylinder head (the entire part from the top of the cylinder block to the top of the spark plugs was left in tact when we took it apart so the only gasket that I needed for this top part is the tripple layer of metal gasket that came in the SBT replacement gasket set. I didn't know what to seal this gasket with so SBT told me to buy a spray can of copper hi temp and give it 2 coats of spray on each side. I did this...let it dry for about 30 minutes (let it dry about 2 minutes between coats as well) and then seated the gasket by just putting the cylinder head on top of it and mounting all of the top bolts. I did not torque those down to anywhere near spec but put just a bit of pressure on them each in the correct sequence....just to hold the head on and slightly compress the copper spray gasket stuff. I suspect that 6 days from now I will be okay to simply continue torquing these to spec and in order as well but any words of caution since it is only partially compressed right now?

    4. Between the rear of the motor and the similar round black fitting that transfers the energy from the engine to the jet pump there is a black rubber spacer(about the same diameter as a baseball). On one side of this rubber spacer there is a round indention. The spacer will fit either way into the receiving fittings so I am wondering which way that round indention faces (to the rear of the motor or to the rear of the ski?). It fell out before we noticed which way it was in there before.

    5. Where would be the premium place to mount a powered bilge pump in the belly of one of these SUVs? The ski has a wall just behind the motor area that I assume is a water-protection wall in case water rushes in to the rear of the ski through the jet pump. If that is what that wall is for, I would assume that the best place to mount a bilge would be in the lowest section of the hull up in front of the motor and just before the gas tank. Thoughts?

    6. Any tricks to installing a missing reverse cable?

    7. What type of oil is everyone using for pre-mix in the SUV? I have read over and over that it is a 50:1 ratio (SBT swears by it) but I have also read 40:1 so I plan on just running 45:1 and meeting in the middle ha! What I'm wondering is if people are using oil from walmart like Quick Silver or Johnson 2 stroke OR if it is highly recommended to simply use the blended stuff at the Yamaha shop. Not trying to cheap out...just the convenience of the purchase location. I think both places charge the same $29.99 per gallon anyway.

    I do appreciate your time reading this drivvle ladies and gentlemen. Any other suggestions...please smack me with em. Some of these are questions for his ski and some are for both of my 2001 SUVs.

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    Answer to Q#1. The Loctite 572 recommended for those bolts is a thread sealant and also a low strength thread locker. Blue loctite may not thread seal well enough. I'd prefer to use the correct sealant/locker

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    First of all, I am a beginner too. I am rebuilding 2 SUV right now. And have read alot of posts and posts alot of questions here. So it is only my opnion.
    I don't think you can remove the gas tank without getting the engine out.

    IMO i think you should take out the engine and rebuild it , it is easier that way. as you need to do leak down test to make sure the rebuild the engine right. you mention that the rear piston is blown, that may be a leak at the crank seal or other parts.

    1. already answered, I think the blue one is 242 which is for medium screws.

    2. I don't think the Black RTV sealent is meant for the cylinders, I use a 3m 1211.

    3. no idea, i just put on the gasket with a very very thin layer of the 1211. and it pass leakdown test.

    4. I put mine on per the manual, the side with the concave facing the engine.

    5. the lowest point of the hull next to the original bilge filter. I think there are holes under the wall to let the water thought.

    6. no idea.

    7. no dea

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    Thanks to both of you.

    Birdgod...what state do you live in?

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    Kansas, there is no place like home. KC

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    Kansas! These SUVs are for tarpin, wahoo and tuna...not bass!

    Just messin with ya birdgod. Thanks a bunch for the help on linking me to the leak-down thread! It paid off bigger than you can imagine. Had a crack in the bottom of the motor that we didn't even notice till the test.

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    Yeah, I know I am from Florida originally, the bait I use is bigger then the fish I caught here .

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