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    96 HX Hard Starting and Doesn't REV up very fast?

    Hi I have a bone stock 96' HX and it is hard to start when it's cold or sits for a little while and when it does run it seems to not rev up very fast does anyone have any ideas why? I am comparing the reving issue to my 750 SXI and my WB1 they seem to rev as soon as I hit the throttle? PLEASE HELP.....

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    Assuming you had a fresh set of sparks and maintenance is up to date. Check your compresion for starts also the rotary valve timming. You have had the HX for a long time or just bought it? Check the carbs for any bad diaphragm or neadlevalve. Also check the fuel lines and fuel valve. Are you testing it on the water or with the hose? Any of the two If it has a oring on the head that is leaking water to the piston it may cause poor aceleration among other problems long term.

    And other thing just for mere curiosity remove the jetpump and check if the impeller isn't stuck or hard to turn.

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    Hi Thanks for the response. The compression is good and the pump spins freely. Plugs are new and I also just put a new rotary valve on thinking that might have been the problem set it to stock timing. Changed all the fuel lines except the return lines. It almost seems like it is running extremely rich when the ski sits for a couple of days it is very difficult to start and when it does start it spits a awful lot of oil out the exhaust so I thought it could be the rotary valve seal pulled the motor inspected the seals and they look OK. The ski is still running injection so I was thinking of unhooking that and trying pre mix just for testing purposes. Is there any other place oil could be leaking into the motor from? Motor is going back in tomorrow so I will be doing some more testing.

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