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    Sea Doo RXT X vs Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO??????

    It's time to change, I love my actual XLT '01 2 cycles with some modifications is fast for me (66 mph GPS), but again is time to change to 4 cycle I tried to avoid that but the time is over, in the past I had two Sea Doo XP 800 cc, but Yamaha is more realible in 2 cylce. NOW, The question is
    Sea doo or Yamaha,I was decided by Yamaha, but I want to be sure because the investment is much, two weeks ago, I went to a competitions, and for me surprise all skis (with modifications) were Sea doo's and only 2 Kawasaki, NOT Yamaha's modified, there is some reason? Someone mentioned that modify sea doo was cheaper that Yamaha and more durable. My intention is to buy it in April and modify it in summer. Thanks for your opinion.

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    Well, it seems that your are into modding if I'm not mistaken... Anyhow you must keep in ind that the sea doo is closed loop so that can be good if you ride salt. As far as modding goes, I would go with sea doo because the yamis were having problems with melting pistons when adding boost over stock. that being said the yamis are extremely durable and they have a larger displacement engine and as the saying goes, "there's no replacement for displacement". I'm a sea doo guy so i know that im biased. I would reccomend riding them and seeing which one you like best then go from there.

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