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    Supercharger needle bearing install tips?

    Just pulled the supercharger out of my 04 RXP to replace the ceramic washers (it has 29 hours on it). I have the washers out, and I'm ready to install a set of Riva washers, but I'm not sure how to get the needle bearings reinstalled? Some type of grease to hold them in place?

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    Grease works or put the gear on and slide the needles in-place.

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    Tape - place needles 1/2 way on a piece of tape (narrow) - wrap tape around shaft - slide gear on to hold needles - remove tape - cleaner than grease.

    Make sure you have the first clutch washer on first

    Have a catch rag underneath - when done - go have a beer

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Grease works or put the gear on and slide the needles in-place.
    +1. Just put the gear on, and slide each of the needles back in place.

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    Got it together using some tape. Thanks!

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