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    Hard to start GP1200R

    Hello all, its been a while since I've been on here but as spring quickly approaches its time to get the skis ready. My 2001 GP1200R is very hard to start at first. It involves alot of choking and cranking but finally it fires up. When I mean alot of cranking I mean sometimes almost 5 minutes. (not continous of course). Once it started the first time I can ride all day and not have any problems with refiring it, just the initial start up. In fact the my wife tried to get it started and she killed the battery before getting it started. She continued to crank even with the weak battery and I think the low voltage killed the PV motor as its not working now either. No big deal there, I have a parts ski I'm gonna strip but before I put a new PV motor on I want to get this thing started. A friend of mine said that most likelythe accelerator pump has gone bad and I should install a primer. I am somewhat handy as I have already installed a D-plate and pump shoe kit but Ihave never messed with carbs. Is this something I can possibly do myself and if so is there a step by step write up somewhere illustrating how to do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can install a primer kit without removing the carbs, but it is tough. Assuming your 2001 is similar to my 1997, then the carb removal isn't difficult. Just gotta remove some gas lines, undo your cables, and get some nuts off that are tricky to get to. I'm sure someone else will give you some more accurate advice, but I believe you need to open up your high speed adjuster on all three carbs about 1/2 turn after installing the primer kit also because you have to remove the choke plates. If you do remove the carbs and they haven't been rebuilt in a while, now would be a good opportunity to knock
    I have heard of people that pour a little pre-mixed fuel into each carb on the GP1200s to prime it instead of installing the primer kit which is an option also.
    I'm similar to you in that I have learned a little here and there from working on these, so hopefully someone with more experience can confirm what I am saying for you.

    Step-by-step carb removal...

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    That's normal for our carbureted GPRs. Island Racing sells the primer kit: I'm sure you can find it elsewhere too.

    I didn't install it because it doesn't bother me that much and I worry about the primer bulb failing. I usually start the ski in my garage before I drive off to the launch (which saved me from launching with a faulty battery once already). It's usually still primed by the time I launch and is good for the rest of the day.

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