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    Small Black Box On Front Of Ski and ZIPTIED WIRES EVERYWHERE!

    Hey guys new to the forum, long time rider, just bought a brand new 2008 GP1300R.

    When you pop open the hood and take out storage compartment and look towards the oil cell there are prob 10-15 wires that are all held together by one ziptie. Didnt know if that was normal or not, they just seem out of place.

    Also I have several wires that are not plugged into anything but are sealed off, and wanted to know what the Small Black box on the front of the ski is. It is nestled into the foam on the front.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    The black box between the foam is your all important ECU...there's a unplugged connector hanging that runs along the other wires towards that ECU...that's a auxiliary tach connection...the wires zip tied just keep things neat in front and out of the way if you need clearance....G/L

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    Thanks for the info. I just couldnt figure why yamaha would ziptie all the wires together. But if thats how its supposed to be then im all good. I just wanted to make sure that the "new" ski i bought hadnt been used or taken apart for any reason. Thanks again.

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