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    2003 gtx sc walbro 255 install info need from those who have installed one

    hi from over the water,
    i have a 2003 gtx sc on 153 hours, just rebuilt my charger, been out on the ski 3 times and now the fuel pumps bitten the dust, im after some info, i have bought an identical to the eye, genuine walbro 255 pump, im adding an additional relay as i dont want to chance frying my fuel pump relay circuit by uprating the fuse to a 15 amp, i have searched for an hour and failed to find out the info for the following questions:

    1. can any 12v 4 pin switching relay be used or does it have to be a specific 12ohms resistance rated relay? if so does anyone have the bosch part number for the said relay?i have read on here you can get a resistance related error code throwin up by the intergrated fuel relay circuit built into mpem on newer 4tec's?

    2. can the stock FPR and fuel system handle the uprated pump at stock boost etc, im assuming so, im just gettin mixed info from over reading other peoples problems on this forum and gettin thrown out?

    look forward to someone settling my worries (hopefully)


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    Never had any issues frying it, I just direct replaced mine. As for number 2, yes it's fine

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