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    Need some 1300r motor opinions

    OOk, before everyone jumps on me and tells me to search, I have and am still confused about what to do.

    So here's where I am at now, this season i had planned To just do the RIva filter, exhaust piece, Reed stuffers, and networks mod. So today I started my tear down, and after getting the wwhole exhaust off, water box out, I realize there's not much more to removing the motor. So now
    im thinking either go stock ported, ported 1390 or just rebuild the top end and get RIva heads and ross nemo's?

    Im sure both have their pros and cons, but What would you guys recommend? I'm not Going for top speed records, but I do like having the fastest ski in my group (don't we all). I'm mostly a recreational, cruise around rider, but I like to open her up when I can. So reliability is a must. are the 1390's reliable?

    So I guess my question here is, should I go all in and do the 1390, or should I just rebuild the top end and get new heads? Also, what would I be looking at price wise for each choice?

    Or are there an other options out there that I may have overlooked?

    Thank you for your time!

    Also, ive heard of some guys going to 1200 water boxes, what are the advantages of this and would I be better off going to one?

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    Are you wanting to keep the yammy motor in or your options are open to go 4-stroke Rotax?!

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    I have been kicking around the idea of a conversion, but I'm pretty confident that I can do most of the work my self keeping the yami in there, not so confident about a "custom" build like that. Is it really that hard?

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