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    Security questions for new pwc?

    Hello everyone. Hope you're having a great week, event though it's Monday. haha. My question is about security in new pwc, and has it gotten better. What I mean is, I have a few older waverunners, seadoos, nothing after 2001, and those parts/engine are really easy to steal. I and a couple of friends have had CDI boxes over the years pinched right out of our skis, and I'm looking at newer skis and wondering how much the security has been beefed up in a decade. It's kind of a silly question, because my seadoos have matching dess/Mpem, but I was wondering with the new ignitions in better skis, have the engines become harder to just gut and sell? Daddy news a new ski, but I'm not going to drop $9,000 on something that can be gutted in a few hours, and can just be plugged in somewhere else. I know it comes with the territory, but just doing a little research. Thanks.

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    Purchase insurance... Anyone can take anything they want or for that matter your ski.

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