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    problem with my slip on my supercharge

    my supercharge is a x charger
    i buy the rebuild kit from brp and i buy mcmaster spring washer

    my best torque was 130 with the mcmaster washer and i change the configuration of the washer.

    my question is why my torque is so low with the mcmaster washer because alot of people have 140 torque and have the oem configuration of washer.

    if i put one shim my torque was 180 lol

    brp torque is between 80 and 120

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    08+ kits have smaller L washers which makes it harder to get the slip up.

    130 should be fine for an xcharger.

    If you want to get the slip up a bit more try a different shim, they do vary slightly and one might be smaller.

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    130 inch lbs is perfect for 8100 RPMs....

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    my rxt is 8500rpm

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    They are a lot of stickys on the subject, changing directions of the McMaster washers did it for me and adding one shim, you can mix and match the McMasters washers and your old washers to get the desired slip, I thnk the stock configuration on the washer is )()() I went with sc)))SHIM()nut to get the desired slip,
    remember if you set it at 17 ft lbs on the bench it will settle in at around 15.5 ft lbs after break in on the washers,

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