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    shaft length question (apparently size does matter)

    So either my shaft is too short (i'm not a porn star) or the splines are too deep in the mid shaft.

    Background: 1200 NPV swap into a WB2 hull using the GP1200 mid shaft (i believe). The mid shaft spline aren't engaging the shaft splines. Looking at the mid shafts I noticed the splines in the short mid shaft (GP1200?) are deeper in the shaft than the original 760 mid shaft.

    What are the differences in lengths in shafts between GP1200/760, Waveraider 1100 and WB2 760?

    What are the differences in the mid shafts for the above models?

    I know other people have performed this swap so what have you guys used?

    Thanks in advance

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    You might have better luck in the Old school section or the x-h2o forum. GPR's rule the roost here for the most part.

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