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    2001 sea doo gts

    I have a 2001 sea doo gts. I put a rebuilt engine in it last year. I also rebuilt the mikuni single carb and replaced all the fuel lines. It runs pretty good, but it is hard to start. you can squirt a little carb cleaner in it and it will crank and once it cranks it does fine. but if you let it sit for a few minutes it is hard to crank agian. It's obvious that it's not getting gas to crank but I'm not shure why. I also done away with the oil injection and went to pre mix. Maybe I need to open the low side jet some im not shure. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Just carry carb cleaner around and your good! lol Well when you rebuilt the carb you did put new jets in right? Try adjusting the jets can't hurt and sorry if not much help but i can only think of adjusting the carb and go from there. I found this I think it pertains to your carb.

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