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    720 Carb Mystery

    I need help from the carb pros. I have a 2003 California GTI 720. I removed the tamper caps from the high and low screws for a carb rebuild and the low speed screw is exactly the same as the high speed screw but it did not have a spring. This carb was factory sealed so I need to know if this carb uses the same screw for the high and low or the factory messed up.

    I have been working with The Man (OsideBill) but I have him stumped. He has been awesome but not seen this issue and said he has never seen a carb with the high and low screws the samd. We tried the standard low speed needle from the yamaha carbs but it appears to me to be too long. If any one has seen the california seadoo screws let me know. I just don't want to destroy a new engine. If the low screw I have is correct I think it still should have the spring but I can't beleive the factory missed this. Thanks.

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    Personally I ran to a carb like this here in the island. You get way far than me cause when noticed the screws were sealed opted to replace the hole carb with an older one. This was after tryed to acces the screws.
    Talk to a friend ho has a shop and he told me that they were sealed to meet low emission laws there for they were preset from fact

    About the spring I belive the use for this is to hold the screw in place that way vibration or shutter wont make it fall and loose your tunning. So in my opinion if you get another screw spring that fits will do.

    This are my two cents. Pretty sure the guys here know more and can help out.

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