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    Left drain plug out-Need advice

    Have an '07 Honda F12x. Took out the other day for a couple of hours and later found I had not screwed in drain plugs. There was no water inside the hull once I got it on trailer on level ground. It had ran fine and noticed no problems while out on it.
    My question is-what do I need to do now? Check fluids for water? Anything else?

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    If there is no water in the hull or coming out of the drain plug consider it a learning experience and go ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 04gtxsc View Post
    If there is no water in the hull or coming out of the drain plug consider it a learning experience and go BUY ONE.

    The only way I see possible that you didn't sink w/o the drain plug is either;
    A) you were constantly moving forward the entire time the ski was in the water, never EVER standing still
    B) its not actually the drain plug that's missing.

    C) some skis come with a one-way check valve before the drain plug that only allows water outta the hull, not into it. And if this doesn't even exist, I think I just came up with a newly engineered ski design

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    have a drink to honor posiden..he didn't seem to need your ski.....leaving a drain plug out is typically a quick trip to the bottom or to pain land...

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    i did this once.... it was the first or 2nd ride of the season so i did not have my system down yet.. she sat at the dock for about5-10 minutes and when i realized what i did i ran back to the truck got it on the trailer swabbed the unside of the hull with those pads that the oil guys use and within 20 minutes she was dry.. i scrapped riding for that day and concentrated on retreating the inside of the hull so rust did not take place... yeah i was pretty scared.. even after a good day of riding i always get water in the hull.. I'll have to check my exhause connection.

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