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    Running a Rotary Rx7 in a polaris sltx hull.....Just a backup thought if my sltx....

    Ok I was doing some research about folks using rotary engines in jetski's with no If my sltx engine ever goes out I was thinking about picking one of these rx7 engines up and just doing the whole conversion....I found a couple of the rotary engines(mazda rx7) for $350 on craigslist running...which is a good deal but has anyone done this on here with a polaris sltx hull????

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    No one has done it on this forum, I have thought about this in the past. There is a lot of engineering work needed to make it work but its could be a great platform given the 13b's willingness to rev. I wouldn't go the turbo route to minimize heat inside the hull.

    The best job I have seen is from a guy in NZ that did a seadoo, lots of engineering involved:

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    i do 5165676417 96 sltx.. 7 out of 10

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