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    gp1200r engine blown (newbie)


    Im new to the forum and new to the jetski world. i recently bought a 2000 model gp1200r. it ran great when we test rode it and the previous owner said the engine was recently rebuilt. what he did not mention was that the ski had a oil block off installed. first weekend out the ski cut out when we hit full throttle,second weekend out the bike completely cut out and wudnt swing or do anything after that. stripped the engine and discovered the conrod hit through the crankcase. Conrod completely broken<piston in pieces. parts are ridiculously expensive here in Cape Town South africa, it will cost more than i paid for the ski to rebuild the engine if i purchase the parts here. Is it posible to weld the crankcase (a whole chunk of the case was hit out,the part where the starter bolts on to) or should i buy a new one?Also how much knowledge would i need to rebuild the crank? dont have much cash to spare because i only just bought the ski so any assistance will be great!

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    The dock

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    So the ski was setup for premix and you didn't run it that way? That's does suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xray328 View Post
    So the ski was setup for premix and you didn't run it that way? That's does suck.

    Exactly that. discovered it had a oil blockoff hen i was trying to find where the oil in hull was coming from. The oil tank was filled to the top, was not drained when the blockoff was installed.

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    Ouch...sorry to hear about that. Are you going to try to rebuild?

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    i had my block welded with no luck. cause of a hairline crack i missed it caused a syphon effect that put about 10 gallons of fuel in my hull. ur crank is pressed together so not many shops have tool to do it. it cost more to have rebuilt then it does to buy a good used crank. just find a descent used block and crank.

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    Ouch, very ouch. it is same as the SUV i am rebuilting, hole in the crank. You are better off geting a new engine. getting each part done is way too expendsive.

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    I have a mint block and lots of parts if needed for this let me know

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    I need parts! Not sure if my pm's going through to you " crzyjetskr". Crankcase and crank on the top of my list at the moment.

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    Nice, I just sold a case and crank on ebay for $150!!! Nobody bid but 1 person.

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