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    Need some body parts for a 98 SLXH

    I need a left side mirror, Trim motor, a plastic seat assembly(I prefer one piece, I can recover it, no biggie) front center bumper guard, and finally a right rear bumper corner guard. Name is Stephen. You can contact 918-728-9420. Thanks in advance!

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    The seat is going to be haaaard to find.

    I have everything else you need from an SLH....but it's all the wrong color (purple). If you can work around it or want to paint it, I'll let it go cheap!

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    Sent you a PM. Call me or send me your number. Thanks in advance!

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    i have a few seats but they all need the latch area repaired

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    got one of the kits ready to go.seal trim and a couple bumpers too

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    Guys if ya got something just call me or leave a callback number. I'm still in need of everything. I may get a seat but the plastic is cracked. I've had several people tell me that they have parts but I respond to their pm and hear nothing back. If you guys have something call me or text me LOL. Anyway folks. Thanks in advance.

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    Still looking folks

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    Still looking. Rather not look on eBay...

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    Still looking

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