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    getting very hot

    i have a 94 wave raider about one year ago i took the running gear out and installed in my 15ft jon. i love it makes swamp fishing faster. i burnt a piston just before i made the swap. put 82mm in it and has been running fine till yesterday about half way to the hole the mufler started getting super hot. after pulling the ruber hose loose i found there was very little water coming out at idle an no water at top speed. never had this problem before, there is water coming out of weep tube and the motors not running hot. can any one help or have had the same problem thanks

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    the hoses for the exhaust or the water jacket around the exhaust might be clogged up with sand or other debris

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    Thanks cutlass it has a big water hose that comes out of the top of exhaust chamber and drains out the end were exhaust goes true hull,outside it has water coming out,There is another smaller 3/8 size water that in front end of exh manifold and ties in to one that comes off head and then drain out side of ski,it has water coming out of it, the main water pipe comes in on the rear of exh manifold i pulled the end cap off exh manifold it had part of leaf and 1-2-pices of grass motors not running hot. but mufler is getting very hot with on water running thru it-do you know were the water comes in to the exh system to cool mufler. thanks

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