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Thread: 2004 RXP Died

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    2004 RXP Died

    I took my 2004 RXP out today and it died within 50 feet of the boat ramp, took it home changed the spark plugs then went back to the lake and rode for about an hour, no problems and ran great, until it just died. The motor will turn once then stops, I got it home and checked the plugs and they looked fine, used a different battery, and pulled the pump to see if it was locked up , but it turns freely. Does anyone have any ideas ?

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    just died?? like run rough and die or like electrical and evrey thing died?

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    Any codes?

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    it started to loose power and slow down, then died and I didnt see any codes, Im not sure how to promt those to come up.

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    After doing some reading on this message board Im worried that I may have dropped a valve because I have never fogged my motor. Ive allways riddin it alot. (170 hrs), but the last 2 years I have been riding standups and riding my RXP less and less.
    Also I forgot to mention that I checked the Super Charger and its tight. I had already done the upgrade on it so I didnt think it would be bad but I checked anyway.

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    Check the compression.
    You will know

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    Almost sounds like a seized bearing in the SC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pandan9 View Post
    Check the compression.
    You will know
    Compression will tell you about the dropped valve. If the compression checks out, pull the SC out and see if it spins freely. Before you pull the charger, reach in and see if you can spin the wheel freely. If so, you dropped a washer or gear. I have see a few 04's shear the teeth on the gear as well as on bigger charger boats too! Good luck bro!

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    yup i sheared a gear on my 05 s3 wheel charger i ran.... lost slip gear locked and snapped... wasnt pretty

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    Thanks for the input
    I pulled the hose and tried to spin the SC , and it was tight with slight play to the left and right but wont spin, Im not sure if the motor will spin enough to get a good compression reading but I will try, what should the compression be at?

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