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Thread: 03 gtx sleeper

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    03 gtx sleeper

    started putting my gtx back togerher 2 day already had the rxp ecu & matching TB, 05 intake & i/c, riva sponsas & riva stage I on, 2 day we remove the old drive shaft left motor mount bracket, prop up the motor a little & removed the rear cover, replace the s/c drive gear with the rxp gear & clean everything up, then we started putting her back togerher adding a rxt drive shaft, rxp pump, 14/19 prop & no wedge right now i will try it latter, replaced the water box with a rxt water box & took off the second resantor blocking off the opening with the riva alluminun plug that came with the old riva stage I kits, i still have a few things left 2 do, add the rxp cam, get the cermanic bearings in, i already have the metal washers, 06 s/c up date kit & the rr s/c fan, we hope 2 finish her next week with all this warm weather here i might get 2 try her out, oh yea going 2 put a rxp fuel fump on also, it'll never end i hope
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    Sounds like you got some work done man. Good luck and i hope you get some nice numbers. I sold JAG my 03 GTX SC and he's running 66+ mph with way less mods than that.

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    back on my gtx today got my cermanic bearings in yeasterday so today we put the s/c back togerher adding the metal washers & rr s/c fan & on she went, now it time 2 put rest of her together i'll finish the rest latter but she was close enought 2 put a little fire in the hole about 5 sec. worth made me i'll tell u those new bearings r the real deal, i've never heard or felt anything so smooth

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    Thats a non-intercooled motor with cast pistons ....just be careful Bud

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    yea i know mark u said she handle 215 or so hp with the cast pistions next year i'll put forge ones in if i do the i/c and rr stock class ecu
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    well she's back together got the rxp fuel pump in & fired her up the only thing left 2 do is put the rxp cam in & test her out with & without the wedge, go figure as soon as she is done it turns cold, all well now it time 2 finish my rxp

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    most of these parts were bought used a few new with a total of $2600

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    fair play to you yellow jacket i've installed the s--t and can only get just over stock gps i khow now off jerry just what to do, but easter will be upon us very shortly and i've got to race this couch against an rxp, it is very frustrating seeing i live in england, that postman needs my dump valve up his a--e

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    ok got some gps 3's on her today rember i still haft 2 add the rxp cam yet but here what i have, full tank of fuel water 59 deg air 79 deg in some what chop 66.5 at 7850 3 times, it hooks great out of the hole but it should do better on top after the cam goes in i think the prop will still need 2 be work on a little that should help the hole shot 2, also raced scot's rxt stayed with him out of the hole but he started 2 pull me on top he was turning 8100-8150 pretty happy 4 the 1st time out, no oil in the catch can, race 2 urtla 250 could stay with them out of the hole but then, it seam like they pulled me a little, as soon as we hit some chop they pull 2-3 skis hard, then it smooth out again & i could hang with them, their a great ski in the chop want 2 run them again after i get my gtx tuned in better, i dont know if i like the riva sponsas yet the stock sponsas seem 2 handle the chop better going 2 raise the riva 1 hole next time 2 c if that helps any if not then i'll try the stock one's
    ok down 2 4 bars of fuel on glass doing the superman best 2 passes 7950 1 at 68.2 & another at 67.9 a few others at 67.2, 67 & so on still the ski didnt fell quit right i dont know if its the sponsas or just the extria speed she would track stright but every little ripple u would feel it bounce around a little no wedge on her yet

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    if the sopnsas dont change anything then i think i'll haft 2 look at the riva intake grate, maybe i might haft 2 try the stock one again

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