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Thread: carb upgrades

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    carb upgrades

    i removed the tamper caps from my carbs last night and after i completed removing the caps i checked the factory settings on the adjuster screws and to me it seems that the factory had the carbs set up very rich on the low side and very lean on the high end. i don't have alot of experience with carbs but when it comes to tuning the carbs is it true that when the screw is almost seated in the carb that is the leanest setting and it richens up the carb as you adjust the screw out. i want to make sure i am correct on this because i will be installing flame arresters and the t-handle adjusting screws as well as new high and low jets and new needle and seat. i will be using osidebill's specs on the jetting and the high and low adjusters. any feed back will be very appreciated. want to make sure everything is right.

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    You are correct in lean to rich setting. I have found a couple of times when I removed the tamper caps I touched the adjuster screw with the drill bit. It doesn't take much of a touch to spin them a bit.

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