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    Ultra 150 oil sensor leaking

    Filled my ultra 150 up with oil and now its slowly leaking out where the sensor is located. Has anyone else had this happen and if so what was the fix?


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    Talk to Steve at skiworx. Said it was normal don't fill it up that much.

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    200ml of 2 stroke tcw3 oil should be inside mag cover.
    As far as oil tank if its loose you could try and clean the area where leak is with brake clean and use a urethane selant to seal it up. Just an idea.

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    Yea, that stinks! Fills the bottom of your boat up with oil if you don't get it fixed.
    Almost everyone I've ever owned, at some point started leaking. I used a large radiator hose clamp around the top in place of the current clamp. Seems to always stop the leaking for me..
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    This is on an ultra?

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    Yep...99 Ultra 150.
    Just stuck the camera under the seat, and took those pic's.
    Hope it helps.

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    Very Very simple fix as mine did the same thing. They all eventually leak. Go to your local dealer and order the grommet that goes between the oil tank and the oil sensor. Once it's replaced you can fill it full again. Make sure you clean the area very well before you pop the sensor and grommet in. Pop the grommet in the tank and then pop the sensor in the grommet and your good to go.

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    Your going to have to Cyphen the oil out till it's below the sensor before you replace the grommet or you will have a huge mess on your hands.

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    Thanks dude

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    I tried wrapping the rubber cap with safety wire and tightening it, but it still leaked. I now just leave the tank half full.

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