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Thread: drive shaft

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    drive shaft

    i have a 900 zxi,the drive shaft has play in it,is it normal? and what needs changing if faulty

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    Side to Side or back and Forth

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    back and forth about 15mm

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    Do you have a vibration when riding or abnormal feeling? Remove the cover of the coupler at the back of the engine for insp..You may have a bearing going out in the driveline/pump etc..some play is normal tho(dont know exact spec)..

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    taken apart the backend and all seems fine, maybe front end of shaft behind plate is proble, and yes vibration was felt and not much thrust, could i have sucked in some crap?

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    So did you find the problem?

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    nothing found at backend, need to take back into water, could i have sucked some crap into it, and then it spits it out

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    Look up into the pump from undeneath(thru intake grate)yeah u can definately suck stuff up,sometimes it comes out/sometimes not.

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