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    RXT iS wont turn right!

    Hi Folks

    Ski is a 2010 RXT IS 255

    Out the other day and noticed the ski turns left much better than it turns right.

    If i'm at a standstill, full left steering and apply power the ski will turn on the spot.

    If i do the same turning right the ski goes in cirlce aproxx 15ft wide.

    Both sponsons are still attached. Steering goes equal distant both directions. Not had a proper look at the jet nozzle jet as was dark when i got home and haven't had time to get it out the garage since.

    Another thing i noticed is if i've just been for a blip and slow right down to walking pace, if i use full right steering the engine revs pick up by 1500-2000 rpm for about 20 seconds then slowly drops down to idle.

    Any ideas? Tried searching for skis that dont turn properly but nothing similar to this.

    Please help - i look stupid when i keep doing tricks to the left.



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    check your pump bolts?

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    One of the half moons that hold the cable im place, might be broken check the steering diagram and check inside the steering nut , next to the pump, same thing happen to me when i mounted the cable wout the half moons

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    OK thanks - will try and take a look tonight. Fingers crossed nothing has fallen off.

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