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    THe 2012 Jettribe Race Rig Tour Stops

    Looking forward to a great 2012 Race Season, and you know the Jettribe Tour Rig, piloted by our own Derek Correll, will be there! So here's the Race Rig's Tour schedule for the East Coast!

    Tour Dates

    May 5-6, Tavares, FL - Sea Doo Pro Hyrdo-X Tour

    May 11-12, Macon, GA - US HydroDrag Nationals

    May 13, Macon, GA - Sea Doo Pro Hyrdo-X Tour

    May 26-27, Montgomery, AL - IJSBA National Tour

    June 8-9, Tavares, FL - Sea Doo Pro Hyrdo-X Tour

    June 10, Tavares, FL – US HydroDrag Nationals

    July 21-22, Colonial Beach, VA – IJSBA National Tour

    August 11-12, Lake Harwell, GA (Lavonia) – IJSBA National Tour

    August 18-19, Charleston, WV – IJSBA National Tour

    September 1, Acworth, GA – US HydroDrag Nationals

    September 2, Acworth, GA - Sea Doo Pro Hyrdo-X Tour

    Those are a lot of stops and chances for you to pick up your favorite Jettribe gear at special Racing Event price. We hope to see you there! Keep riding!

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    AWESOME.... looks like we might be able to talk you into being at our season closer at Castiac Lake in November???
    We will miss not having you at our season opener at Antioch this weekend, but we'll flying the JETTRIBE colors
    "Loud and Proud" all day long and if you get bored - you can watch it on the LIVESTREAM!!!

    Thanks for all your help guys -
    We are proud to be part of the TRIBE!!!

    Jim Lambert

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    529 about in the northeast...some drag racing.....ny,nj,pa,ct etc?

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    I think if banjos are not in the backgroutnd HD can't race lol

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    My wife and I will try to make it to the Colonial Beach dates July 21 and 22nd. Sounds like fun

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    ....Anyone going to the race in Lavonia? The kid wants to go so we may be in... just need to find a buddy with a lake house...

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