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    Xlt 1200 suddenly wont's start

    I was about to do a compression test on an '02 xlt1200. Yesterday it started fine, little slow but started. (we did a comp test yesterday but gauge was inaccurate)

    So i hooked up a charger to the battery on the 2 amp setting for an 30 minutes.

    I disconnected the charger, unscrewed the plugs, put them in the spark plug wires, grounded them on the head and screwed in the comp. gauge.

    I heard a milisecond of a click and nothing. Almost like it was just about to turn over then stopped.

    Now i can push the starter button and all it says is "START" while im holding down the start button.. no attempt to turn over.

    Any ideas on whats up??


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    Could be the starter relay solenoid, I just replaced one in my 99 XLL. Try tapping on the electrical box while trying to start, sometimes that will jiggle the solenoid enough to make it crank over.

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    thanks for the response. I tried that and no go. Is there a way i can jump directly to the starter and see if it turns over? Im not sure where the starter even is on this thing i can't see anything its so packed in there! Does that whole electrical box just come off w/ those 4 bolts or is it kind of hard wired in?

    thanks for the help!

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    EDIT: Ground some how came loose. Jumped the ground and its all good now. thanks!

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