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    Angry 1996 sl780 charging problem

    Hello everyone, after 2 years, I am finally trying to get my ski working. Last time I posted, I had a charging issue. A brief description is as follows. My stator wires had all burned up, as well as my cdi. I replaced the stator, adn got a good used cdi for a 785 from a fellow hulkster. When I got it running, i noticed my charging was in the 16 volt range. I got a used voltage regulator from someone else on here and installed it. I took out an lr23, and put in an lr31-1. My charging was perfect, around 13 or so. But my trim and bilge pump did not work, nor did the RPM's, sending my ski into limp in mode. Now fast forward to now. I bought a used voltage regulator. I got it and its an lr23-1 lol. I cant win. Either way, I installed it, and I am still at 16 volts when running. @ bad regulators? I guess its possible. But the lr 31-1 charged at a normal voltage, but other things didn't work. My question is this. Can anything else (stator, cdi etc) cause my voltage to be wacky on a normally good regulator? is an lr31 the same as lr31-1. I just want the ski to charge normally, have a working trim and RPM, and go tear it up lol. If anyone can steer me in the correct direction, I would appreciate it

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    Are you checking the voltage with a voltmeter or on the MFD. Sometimes the MFDs go wacky and show the voltage as being too high. The higher the number on the LR module, the newer the version it is. I am thinking either your MFD is reading incorrectly, or you just got unlucky with a few bad regulators. Are all of your connections good?

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    Connections should be good. I am using the mfd unfortunately, but it is 13.5 with one, and 16 with the other. I figured that an lr31 and lr31-1 are the same, but a newer version, but in the fuji electrical section, it shows an lr23 and lr23-1 as being different. the lr23-1 said it had one extra function specifically for an slx. I am stumped, but really think my regulators are defective. Can a different cdi affect it? Any other things affect voltage? I am frustrated at this point. Plus it hasnt run in a while, and getting gas to the carbs is not easy

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    Welcome back Snoop.

    Please verify with a real voltmeter before you do anything. Just to make sure you aren't where you should be.

    And PLEASE check your fuel system if you're having issues getting fuel to the carbs. I don't want to see you on here posting that you now need a piston because of it.....

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