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    99 Sea Do XPL...Help with re-installing engine wires

    Hi guys I've got a '99 XPL, 951, silver motor that I'm putting back together from a pile-O-parts. I didn't pull the motor out when it first blew apart on a friend of mine, but have since reassembled and reinstalled an engine using some parts from ebay and the local sea-doo dealer.

    I've got the Sea-Doo factory '99 book that I'm using as a reference and I've got a bit of a problem with electrical. I have a few connectors that are easy enough to figure out - oil level, temp, TPS, Rave, all those are connected. The ones that have round thru-hole connectors however are a different story - I know that the large red goes to the starter, large black to the block, and there's a single black that goes from the block to the back of the ignition box. The confusion stems from a pair of wires with round connectors that would appear to both go to the block (from their length at least that would make sense), one is black and the other grey, I'm assuming black is ground but the grey one I'm unsure of and the diagram in Ch. 14 of the sea-doo manual doesn't have any mention of an only-grey wire connecting to anything. Should both of these be connected to the block or is there something else I'm missing that they should be connected to? Thanks for the help

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    They're both grounds (for the instruments I believe) and need to be connected to the mag cover. There's a tang that extends beyond the lower case with a thread through-hole, connect them there using a ubiquitous seadoo 10mm headed bolt.

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