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    2007 vx cruiser/any mods??

    So i have a 2007 vx cruiser,25 hours..just installed pump stuffer kit,Solas 18/22 impellar,riva free flow exhaust kit & r&d air filter(in stock air filter hosuing)..I want to put an intake grate on it but i think requires a different shoe stuffer(damn-it)..Any other bolt on's for this ski you can suggest? Steering Nozzle,injectors,coils,etc..??
    I see so many options for the vxs-vxsr any of these mods apply?


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    no other mods from the vxs-vxsr-sho's apply engine wise, completely different engine. you are mostly stuck with the mods you have done. but you can shorten and gut your waterbox, do a rear exit exhaust to compliment your free flow, get rid of your air box and do a pipe with a filter on the end. Not sure if it will fit in your hull or not but switch to the fx ho exhaust manifold and pipe A true 4-1 waterjacketed header) not a log manifold that comes on the vx.
    you might be able to get jims performance to modify your rideplate. and yes by switching your transom plate you may be able to change intake grates with another ski.
    can also send your throttle body out to be bored. might help a little. your major drawback is the rods, pistons, and cams in your engine. since its a lower model ski than say the fx ho your rods are different, compression is lower, and cams meant for the lower rev limit.

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    No offense, but the VX wasn't really meant to be modded to go fast. I wouldn't spend the farm on mods for that ski. Its a good cruiser that gets great gas mileage. The only mod I maybe would have done is the intake grate for better hook up in the waves, but those skis don't really have a cavitation issue out of the hole. If you want to go faster, Your money is better spent selling it and by a FX HO or SHO/FZ.

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    Ok Thanks guys!

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