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    Seadoo GTI Starting issues

    About 6 months ago was doing some maintenance on my 2005 GTI LE RFI 2 Stroke Seadoo. Noticed that the Battery to Regulator fuses housing were shafted. This had been causing a few battery recharging issues.

    This fuse housing was replaced and a new battery was installed under warranty about 3 months ago. Took the jet ski out for the first time in a very long time a fortnight ago. went well for about 2 hours, then bam 12V Low. I only assumed my new fuse holder has become disconnected again. I replaced and rewired in. This morning decide to take it out for a test run. Under advice from a mate, charged the battery up for 30 min, started iit up with and done the pre operating check. All running extremely well.

    Get to the river. Jet ski in. Tick Tick, nothing. Go up to the car, ready to pull out. Try to start it to load onto the trailer. Works fine. Go out for about 15 minutes. Turn off at the bank. Go to restart. Tick Tick.

    Had enough. Get home. Sparl plugs out, they look fine, Connect all back up. Jet ski starts fine. and runs nice.

    Im expecting a flat battery, or dead regulator

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    If it works fine and then Tick Tick and then works again it probably is not the battery or regulator. Theck all connections to make sure they are clean and tight. It couls also be the starter solonoid going bad and the Tick Tick is closing the low voltage side but the high side that provides direct battery power to the starter could be making a bad contact every now and then.

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    Im getting the battery charged 'deep cycle' today, i have a feeling its either a low battery or the a charging issue. If this isnt the cause, i will be testing the voltage regulator, should the volts on the battery output be around 14, this would show the battery charging correctly yes?

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    So lost right now, ive got a mulitmeter and charged the battery, not deep cycle. the battery is on 12.6v, starts and runs fine. when running it drops down to 11.8, then back above 12. I dont think the battery is getting charge. Any other way to be sure the regulator is stuffed?

    Also, the regulator maintains a batteriers charge yes? so if it has 12.6v and the reg is working is should stay at 12.6v?

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    Ok i have established its a volt regulator issue, the jet ski is sitting at roughly 11.8 V, should be between 13 - 14 with ski running.

    part number #278001969

    Ebay is my best guess..

    to add confusion to chaos, it appears someone has already had this issue, the wiring has been altered,only one plug, guess ill be chaing the plugs to then

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