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    Next addons for my 15f?

    I pretty much have the entire performer kit from R&D, minus the scoop grate. (which I'm thinking about trying out, as I lose hookup on the pump really frequently when things get rough, any comments on that?)

    So stock gps'd at 58.5 mph. Prop, air filter, and ride plate currently has things at 62.5. Mid range acceleration is pretty good if I can keep it hooked up.

    So what's next?

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    Turbo or vortech. As for staying hooked up in rough not gonna happen buy a 250-260or 300

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    58.5 seems kinda slow.....shoulda be around 61-62 stock....

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    fit everything. Don't spend money spend time. You will get more from making sure everything works well as a united than you will get from bolt on parts. You could buy my yellow racing programmable ecu if you know how to tune.


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    What year is the machine & how many hours on it? You should be seeing a little more top speed than that, I have a 2006 with the R&D air filter, ride plate & solas 13/19 prop & getting a little over 65mph on gps in smooth conditions with 1/3 tank or less fuel. Which prop did you put in it? I did not get to gps mine stock, as when I bought it the pump & prop were damaged too badly.

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