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    Is This A Good Deal? (Never owned kawasaki)

    Hey guys. I've never owned a Kawasaki anything ever but was presented with a 2000 Kawasaki JET SKI 1100 STX DI for only $2200.

    Don't know anything about them cause I've only owned SeaDoo's. Is this a good deal? Anybody have any experience with this machine?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If my memory serves me right , the DIs had a lot of problems.....

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    The hull and fuel mileage are good with that ski and it's a nice cruiser.
    The DI can be a headache for sure. However, I'd say the kawi DI system is no less reliable than the seadoo DI system.

    IMHO $2200 is a bit steep unless it's a very low hour mint ski. I'd expect to see closer to $1500 for that ski in great shape.
    For example, a friend of mine just let his 03' stx-r go for $1500w/trailer. It had 146 hours (90 hours on a stage2 motor) and had been ridden hard, but still looked and ran 100%.
    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquaholic6801 View Post
    If my memory serves me right , the DIs had a lot of problems.....
    x2. I'd avoid the DI version.

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