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    Unhappy Power issues with my 1994 Polaris 750sl

    Just baught my first jet ski and came with some issues. Took it to the lake this weekend and it seems to have some issues with the horse power and after riding it for a little while it won't start until u let it cool off for 15 min. I pushed the throttle all the way down and it doesint take off and it chokes up and after a minute of messing with the throttle it only tops off at 24-27 mph. Can some one help??? Had te carbs redone before I took it out but it's verry slow. Thanks!

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    Need to look into some basic info first........ Start Here: Post some compression readings....

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    I would look for a blown hose between the pipe and waterbox. Common on older machines.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Myself might be on to something ^^^^^^^^

    Check out the exhaust rubber hoses for soft, bulging, or blistering.

    The carbs are only part of the fuel system that needs to be addressed as far as reliability concerns go. You'll want to pay attention to the fuel hoses, fuel pump, fuel selector valve, and any fuel filters. Not to mention the oil hoses and filter should be addressed as well.

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