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    2007 Seadoo 230 wake 430hp tower snap.

    Hi, I have an 07 230 wake and the tower on the right hand side snapped at the weld. It's completely in 2 pieces...
    I read up that it has problems and recalls etc, it moves a lot too. Much more than my 150 speedster which is solid.

    I'm wondering if it will be replaced? Or can I buy a new 2012 tower? Or how about purchasing a tower off of

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    Any pics of damage?

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    If there is no damage to the fiberglass of the boat, then i would suggest having a local shop re-weld it for much less than buying a new one. Unless there is more damage to the tower like the shafts are bent as well, this may work.

    The problem with going to an aftermarket tower is that they don't have the same anchors as the stock ones. If they can't use the same anchors then it might weaken your fiberglass.

    Just my 2c

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    yah the tower on my 2006 150 broke too. I took it to an aluminum welding shop.

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