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    superjet wont start

    Ive got a 95 superjet that wont start nor do i hear anything at all. It worked perfect last week when i used it. The following things are what i think may be the problem:

    Lanyard? Dont know how to check/test it. It simply doesnt start Bad start/stop switch? Dont know how to test Battery? Its showing 12.18V, seems a little low but pretty sure its got less then 5hrs on it Bad wires? The inside is nearly mint with no corrosion, rust or sludge on any of the connestions Something in the electronic box? Ive got an volt meter so i can test whatever (starer relay?) Starter? I bench tested it and it turned but sparked like crazy, not sure if i did it right but it spun Spark plugs/wires? No corrosion and plugs look good

    Forgot to mention i checked plugs and they look good. Pistons look good as well, motor turns freely by hand so its not seized.

    Not sure what it coukd be. I didnt check everything above, but if i can get some help testing parts and how, id appreciate it. Thank you

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    Have you tested your starter solenoid? You can do this by using connecting the two posts with a screwdriver.

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    You can unplug the two plugs near the electrical box that go up the handle pole to the switches. You can then probe them with a meter while working the start button, and the lanyard switch. Do a search on here, I have seen the wiring diagram on here somewhere. The most likely problem is a bad start switch/lanyard switch. I have replaced them on everything I have had that is that old. Sometimes you can get them working again by punching the start/stop buttons several times, and pulling the lanyard plug up and down a few times, but that is only to check, because if that fixes it, you KNOW it will quit again out on the water.

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