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    Thumbs up Yamaha FZR / FZR SHO RIVA, R&D, Skat, R Rated Stage I and + parts

    I traded in my FZR this weekend and no longer need these parts.

    The Riva water-box and exhaust were purchased late last season

    All the other parts literally have 1.21 hours of use on them literally ( see tiny tach photo). I installed over the winter and then decided to trade in.

    All items come with original instructions and or packing material.

    Shipping will done through USPS for most items and FEDEX for the larger ones.

    Payment is through Paypal only.

    If you would like the entire package I will make a package price

    Open to offers and part combinations to save on shipping and price

    Riva Intake FZR / FZS / SHO $205 shipped

    Bracket included not pictured

    Riva Water Box FZR / FZS / SHO SOLD

    R Rated exhaust with T Bolt Clamps -FZR / FZS / SHO SOLD


    Riva Engine Breather FZR / FZS / SHO SOLD

    R&D Multiport FZR / FZS / SHO SOLD

    R&D Grate with Pump seal FZR / FZS SOLD TO GPRhollic

    R&D Ride Plate SOLD

    Skat / RIVA 13/22 Prop SOLD

    RIVA FZR FZS Mirror block offs SOLD

    Tiny Tach SOLD locally

    Yamaha FZR / FZR banner SOLD
    Last edited by Brian-RXTX; 04-23-2012 at 05:37 PM. Reason: Intake Grate Sold, plate sold Skat picture added, yamaha banner added WB sold

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    Pmed for the grate

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    Intake Grate Sold - Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brick-FZR View Post
    Intake Grate Sold - Thank you
    Thank you

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    Ride Plate sold - Thank you

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    Ride Plate and Intake Grate shipped out

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    Prop sold - thank you

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    Prop shipped out last night

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    Good seller! Just need to change the name to rxtx.....

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    Thank you , Water Box Sold

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