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    Getting Pump work done, what about replacement reeds?

    Well I finally broke-down and admitted maybe I should get the bearings check/replaced before the season starts. They have never neen looked at since 2006. Neither have the reeds.

    So I removed the pump last month and sent it to Impros. It is supposed to ship back to me tomorrow. Can't wait to try the new changes. I had them replace the bearings, replace the impeller with a 10-16 unit, include a pump shoe kit, and freestlye cone. On my end I have the Worx WR225 intake grate to replace the stock unit. Lukily Impros said that was a good choice. I kinda guessed after reading about as many reviews as I could stand. I will also have the steering nozzle bored-out to Impros recommended specs.

    Then I started thinking: So what about reeds? How often do most folks replace them and when you do, what is a good brand/style? My motor is stock and will stay that way. I don't want a jumpy motor as the family rides this too. Thoughts? Thank all!

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    Stock reeds seem to last a long time(mine always have with kawasaki's)..A good reed to just replace the stockers would be Boyesen reeds..Might get a little crisper throttle response.

    What Ski are you doing these mods to?

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    Thanks Mulefoot for the reply. Can't believe no-one else has an opinion on reeds for these skiis, so I am hoping a bump will help. The reeds are for my 2006 sx800r, stock motor. Perhaps I will stick with stock since they do seem to last so long.
    Pump back in ski and looking great. Impros seemed to have done a great job and at a very fair price too. New bearings, impeller, pump shoe kit and cone. Can only be 100% sure after I ride it though!

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