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    wave raider starting problems

    Ok so after spending quite a deal of time working on my skis over the winter I tried to take them out. I tried starting them the day before an one wound fire at all...not even a click. The other one which I replaced the starter on sounded sluggish and didn't seem to respond immediately when I pushed the start button. I looked on here and it seemed that it might be the starter relay. The one that was having problems now just gives me a click. I opened up the electrical box on both of them and bypassed the starter relay by connecting the hot lead on the battery to the starter and they both turned over with some vigor. My question is ski clicks the other makes no noise but when I bypassed the relay they both worked. So is it the relay in both of them or should I be looking at and testing different possibilities?

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    So I went outside to look them over again and the one with the "click" started right up....I didnt know what to think. So I took the "good" relay off of that one and put it on the other ski with "no noise" and that one started right up....So now im lost....whats causing the problems? battery? relay? the starter buttons? obviously the one needs a new relay but what about the other? im frustrated lol

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    Maybe there was a poor/dirty/loose connection that you cleaned up by unplugging and plugging back in or just by jiggling the wiring. Look over all the connections in that area and see if you can spot something.

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    sure seems odd to loose them both at the same time!

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    I've had spooky starting issues in the past.
    On my 1100 it was the inline fuse wire inside the ignition unit. It had pulled loose and would get a random connection to start it. A new fuse line, solder, and electrical tape solved that problem about 10 years ago.

    I've also had to replace both of my Raiders' start/kill switch units on the handlebars over the years. Same random symptoms of bad connections.

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