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    Made my college decision going Army ROTC

    Well I never imagined posting something like this on here. From when I joined Greenhulk at age 13 until now I am thoroughly surprised just in the fact that I am still a part of this site. I say that because this is the only forum site I have ever been apart of that is more than just asking questions, getting an answer and forgetting what my login info is and never coming back.

    Real quickly recently I had a conversation on the phone with OsideBill and when I was talking to him I mentioned how when I started it was hard to get into the group and be accepted. While that took a long time and still figuring if I truly have been 5 years later.. I just gotta say I still think about memories and times I've made and shared with most of your from this site. I learned so much about everything from obviously skis and engines, but also about myself and in a weird way greenhulk has helped mold me into who I am today. Learning how NOT to get screwed on the interenet or in person to learning that you truly can meet some amazing people in this world at the most odd place to meet them (through a PWC forum site) and that there are still truly genuine people in this world.

    Either way skipping to the point of this. I had planned to attend school for football. I was being recruited by D1 schools after I sort of jokingly began kicking in football which I eventually to this day am rated as one of hte top punters for 2012 and was at a time rated in the Top 10 before attending the University of Alabama camp I was invited to over a Invite National Combine. I was a defensive end/linebacker starter for a 6a high school and at 6'0 190lb I was ready to knock heads. Punting was a lot like working on skis I grew a odd passion for it. However going back if you wish a few years ago before football I mentioned West Point here. I have always wanted do go military and continue the military background that runs in my family.

    In the last month I have gone through that period that i assume everyone goes through of the end of high school and not really knowing what you will do; realizing that with each route you go your life in the long run will possibly end up a completely different way. Finally with a lot of going back and fourth I decided to truly go with my heart. Sometimes I realized even with talking with people and hearing their input there is sometimes not option except for the thing you think about when you close your eyes or constantly think about which in my head was military.

    I will be doing the Army ROTC program. Have it down to 2 majors I will be looking at doing which is going into Business School or Construction Science Engineering.

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here for everything. Everything happens for a reason as Jd1 (Dan O'keefe) once said to me face to face, and I have said that damn near everyday since then. I look forward to going to school for the 4 years and learning as much as I can to grow as both a civilian and a soldier within my community and country. As well I look forward to serving for US and Our country The United States of America! Hopefully somewhere in all this I will hopefully turn some smiles in making you all proud and my family.

    God Bless,

    Kale Joyce

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    Best of luck Kale

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    Good luck im sure you will succeed in what ever life throws at you.
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    It's been an honor to watch you grow up here young grasshoppa! Your heart will never lead you down any wrong path you weren't meant to travel, for all paths will teach you about life. Be safe young man!


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    Congrads and wish you much success!

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    Congrats Kale and I for one thank you for offering to protect and serve our country. You have my number if you need me.


    Till we ride again.

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    Good Luck young Grasshopah

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    Sounds like you're growing up dude. You've even stopped using the word "like" in every sentence...jk Wish you all the best whatever path you choose.

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