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    98 Polaris SLXH carb problem

    Ok guys, Ive been trying to get my jet ski ready for this weekend. Had a problem with low speed idle and hard starting since I bought it. Checked the pop off pressure on the carbs and it was 30 on two of them and 28 on one of them. So I ordered 3 full carb kits from Winderosa. Installed them tonight. I used the middle spring that come with the kit as it most closely matched the stock springs. Assembled them, re-checked the pop off pressure it it was 22psi on all 3 carbs. took one of the carbs apart and put the smallest spring in and it popped off at 14psi. Why am I having to use the smallest spring in the kit to get the required pop off pressure on a stock set of carbs that just had a full rebuild?

    Also I was trying to find the manual for my ski. My dad gave me the link and I downloaded it at his house, but now I am home and forgot what it was, anyone remember by chance?

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    98 SLXH should pop off between 18-20 psi.

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    I would re use the stock spring. They don't go bad.

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    PFP (member on here)has a new rack of carbs for $25.00, just use your jets. Or buy a set for later.

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