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    where is the stator

    where is the stator on my sltx becuase im worried that my pump not being alinded right becuase of my engine being taken out wrong ,

    if you have 2 remove the engine 2 get to the stator that could be a problem

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    Elecrical stator is under the flywheel at the front. On the three seaters you can remove the stator in the boat but it is not much fun.(it also can be done on a two seater but it is a bitch)
    Jet pump stator is in the jet pump behind the impeller.

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    Do you mean the stator on the jet pump or the electrical stator that keeps your battery charged?

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    Assuming you mean the pump stator, it's #20.

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    darts got it , the electrical one , i dont understand why they give 2 parts the same name ,

    well think of this would it be easier 2 take the engine out or do it the not fun way ,

    im trying 2 firgure out why my boat ran 48.4 at 62-- when it should run 55

    im wondering if im running 2 rich , cuss my plugs arnt the dryest in the world

    or is it becuase there is a flaw in my prop line

    i must say good show chap thats less then 5 mins
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