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    2002 GPR Dies? what could be symptoms?

    Buddy bought a 2002 GPR. Ran fine took it out and then it was going about 20 mph and just stopped.

    Compression FINE, Starter/bendix FINE, NO SPARK......

    He checked fuses all ok. Key is put in, beeps, servo's check their spot, cranks, NO SPARK.

    Its ALL OEM Stock.

    Any thoughts on where to begin?

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    Start by checking the plug connections (not spark plugs) at the electrical box were the stator plug connects and the rear temp. sensor plug in. if they are ok and still no spark at plug wire try pulling the front storage compartment out and locate the 2 wire connection that has a black wire and a white wire and unplug it and see if you have spark.

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    sounds like a bad connection/short and if you cant find anything i would start testing the coils and cdi. My waveblaster did that when one of the contacts in the handlebar switch got wet and grounded the kill switch...just food for thought

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    Update - he finally got around to it. changed the CDI to another one and presto! it worked. So, I have NEVER EVER heard of an OEM CDI going bad in any ski. I'm concerned that something caused this the first time and its going to happen again.

    Anyone heard of a CDI blowing before? ALL OEM.

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    the OEM CDI's have been pretty bullet proof, was there any battery charging or anything like this taking place where it possibly could have been hooked backwards?

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