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    Possibly trading for a 99 GTI, is this worth it?

    Hey everyone. I have a pair of jet skis both 2 seaters, one of them is a 96 Polaris SL650 that is in decent running condition. There is a guy that is (possibly) willing to trade his 99 Seadoo GTI for my ski + $1000. Assuming his ski runs good, is this a 'worth it' trade? Is the 3 seater GTI with the 717 faster than a 2 seater SL650? I'm getting rid of the SL650 for 2 reasons - its a bit slower than I'd like (my other ski is a 97 SPX800) and it's too small, we need 1 3 seater ski with some storage in it so we can pack towels and so forth when we go to the lake.

    Just want to make sure I'm not getting ripped off, and wondering if the GTI will be faster or slower or 'equal' to the SL650. Thanks in advance!

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    Anyone have any input? I'm supposed to make the trade this weekend if I choose to and want to make sure it's an OK deal. If nobody has any input on the Polaris Trade does anyone know approximately what the 99 GTI would be worth, and how fast it would go? Polaris does around 40, I want to make sure the GTI will do at least that. I'm calculating the value of the Polaris at around $600 so if the GTI is worth at least $1600 then it's a fine deal for me, otherwise I'll have to talk him down a bit. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

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    Prices vary greatly, but around here, the 99 GTI would fetch about 1800 in good condition. With that hull, the 717 engine in it will get it into the mid 40's. I would get rid of the Polaris because it is a Polaris, they have problems, and they aren't worth anything.

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    take it for a test ride..

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