I have both and the 97 is almost altogether. what I am unsure about it the ride of the 97 XP out in the ocean. All my time has been spent on X4 hull's and most of my riding is in the ocean by a jetty where it gets a little crazy, also the waters are shallow there now with this 97 I am worried it will toss me off in the breaks, I mean with the 96 and some hull mods I was able to ride in the breaks and sometime escape a jump that I thought maybe I had enough balls to jump.

Now everyone tells me these 97's are slow, I am used to a 1996' SPX for about 6 years now hopefully it will be up to par with that model. Please do not flame me with "you should get a 951 xpl" those motors are a pain in the ass. Plus I have like 20 grand worth of 787 to keep me out there this season as I sell on eBay also.